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The praise of Elias, of Eliseus, of Ezechias, and of Isaias.

 1 And Elias the prophet stood up, as a fire, and his word burnt like a torch.
Et surrexit Elias propheta quasi ignis, et verbum ipsius quasi facula ardebat.

 2 He brought a famine upon them, and they that provoked him in their envy, were reduced to a small number, for they could not endure the commandments of the Lord.
Qui induxit in illos famem : et irritantes illum invidia sua pauci facti sunt : non enim poterant sustinere praecepta Domini.

 3 By the word of the Lord he shut up the heaven, and he brought down fire from heaven thrice.
Verbo Domini continuit caelum, et dejecit de caelo ignem ter.

 4 Thus was Elias magnified in his wondrous works. And who can glory like to thee?
Sic amplificatus est Elias in mirabilibus suis. Et quis potest similiter sic gloriari tibi?

 5 Who raisedst up a dead man from below, from the lot of death, by the word of the Lord God.
qui sustulisti mortuum ab inferis de sorte mortis, in verbo Domini Dei :

 6 Who broughtest down kings to destruction, and brokest easily their power in pieces, and the glorious from their bed.
qui dejecisti reges ad pernicem, et confregisti facile potentiam ipsorum, et gloriosos de lecto suo :

 7 Who heardest judgment in Sina, and in Horeb the judgments of vengeance.
qui audis in Sina judicium, et in Horeb judicia defensionis :

 8 Who anointedst kings to penance, and madest prophets successors after thee.
qui ungis reges ad poenitentiam, et prophetas facis successores post te :

 9 Who wast taken up in a whirlwind of fire, in a chariot of fiery horses.
qui receptus es in turbine ignis, in curru equorum igneorum :

 10 Who art registered in the judgments of times to appease the wrath of the Lord, to reconcile the heart of the father to the son, and to restore the tribes of Jacob.
qui scriptus es in judiciis temporum, lenire iracundiam Domini, conciliare cor patris ad filium, et restituere tribus Jacob.

 11 Blessed are they that saw thee, and were honoured with thy friendship.
Beati sunt qui te viderunt, et in amicitia tua decorati sunt.

 12 For we live only in our life, but after death our name shall not be such.
Nam nos vita vivimus tantum : post mortem autem non erit tale nomen nostrum.

 13 Elias was indeed covered with the whirlwind, and his spirit was filled up in Eliseus: in his days he feared not the prince, and no man was more powerful than he.
Elias quidem in turbine tectus est, et in Eliseo completus est spiritus ejus : in diebus suis non pertimuit principem, et potentia nemo vicit illum :

 14 No word could overcome him, and after death his body prophesied.
nec superavit illum verbum aliquod, et mortuum prophetavit corpus ejus.

 15 In his life he did great wonders, and is death he wrought miracles.
In vita sua fecit monstra, et in morte mirabilia operatus est.

 16 For all this the people repented not, neither did they depart from their sins till they were cast out of their land, and were scattered through all the earth.
In omnibus istis non poenituit populus, et non recesserunt a peccatis suis, usque dum ejecti sunt de terra sua, et dispersi sunt in omnem terram :

 17 And there was left but a small people, and a prince in the house of David.
et relicta est gens perpauca, et princeps in domo David.

 18 Some of these did that which pleased God: but others committed many sins.
Quidam ipsorum fecerunt quod placeret Deo : alii autem multa commiserunt peccata.

 19 Ezechias fortified his city, and brought in water into the midst thereof, and he digged a rock with iron, and made a well for water.
Ezechias munivit civitatem suam, et induxit in medium ipsius aquam : et fodit ferro rupem, et aedificavit ad aquam puteum.

 20 In his days Sennacherib came up, and sent Rabsaces, and lifted up his hand against them, and he stretched out his hand against Sion, and became proud through his power.
In diebus ipsius ascendit Sennacherib, et misit Rabsacen, et sustulit manum suam contra illos : et extulit manum suam in Sion, et superbus factus est potentia sua.

 21 Then their hearts and hands trembled, and they were in pain as women in travail.
Tunc mota sunt corda et manus ipsorum : et doluerunt quasi parturientes mulieres.

 22 And they called upon the Lord who is merciful, and spreading their hands, they lifted them up to heaven: and the holy Lord God quickly heard their voice.
Et invocaverunt Dominum misericordem, et expandentes manus suas extulerunt ad caelum : et Sanctus, Dominus Deus, audivit cito vocem ipsorum.

 23 He was not mindful of their sins, neither did he deliver them up to their enemies, but he purified them by the hand of Isaias, the holy prophet.
Non est commemoratus peccatorum illorum, neque dedit illos inimicis suis : sed purgavit eos in manu Isaiae sancti prophetae.

 24 He overthrew the army of the Assyrians, and the angel of the Lord destroyed them.
Dejecit castra Assyriorum, et contrivit illos angelus Domini :

 25 For Ezechias did that which pleased God, and walked valiantly in the way of David his father, which Isaias, the great prophet, and faithful in the sight of God, had commanded him.
nam fecit Ezechias quod placuit Deo, et fortiter ivit in via David patris sui, quam mandavit illi Isaias, propheta magnus, et fidelis in conspectu Dei.

 26 In his days the sun went backward, and he lengthened the king's life.
In diebus ipsius retro rediit sol, et addidit regi vitam.

 27 With a great spirit he saw the things that are to come to pass at last, and comforted the mourners in Sion.
Spiritu magno vidit ultima, et consolatus est lugentes in Sion usque in sempiternum.

 28 He shewed what should come to pass for ever, and secret things before they came.
Ostendit futura, et abscondita antequam evenirent.

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