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The praise of Josue, of Caleb, and of Samuel.

 1 Valiant in war was Jesus the son of Nave, who was successor of Moses among the prophets, who was great according to his name,
Fortis in bello Jesus Nave, successor Moysi in prophetis, qui fuit magnus secundum nomen suum,

 2 Very great for the saving the elect of God, to overthrow the enemies that rose up against them, that he might get the inheritance for Israel.
maximus in salutem electorum Dei, expugnare insurgentes hostes, ut consequeretur haereditatem Israel.

 3 How great glory did he gain when he lifted up his hands, and stretched out swords against the cities?
Quam gloriam adeptus est in tollendo manus suas, et jactando contra civitates rhomphaeas!

 4 Who before him hath so resisted? for the Lord himself brought the enemies.
Quis ante illum sic restitit? nam hostes ipse Dominus perduxit.

 5 Was not the sun stopped in his anger, and one day made as two?
An non in iracundia ejus impeditus est sol, et una dies facta est quasi duo?

 6 He called upon the most high Sovereign when the enemies assaulted him on every side, and the great and holy God heard him by hailstones of exceeding great force.
Invocavit Altissimum potentem, in oppugnando inimicos undique : et audivit illum magnus et sanctus Deus, in saxis grandinis virtutis valde fortis.

 7 He made a violent assault against the nation of his enemies, and in the descent he destroyed the adversaries.
Impetum fecit contra gentem hostilem, et in descensu perdidit contrarios :

 8 That the nations might know his power, that it is not easy to fight against God. And he followed the mighty one:
ut cognoscant gentes potentiam ejus, quia contra Deum pugnare non est facile. Et secutus est a tergo potentis :

 9 And in the days of Moses he did a work of mercy, he and Caleb the son of Jephone, in standing against the enemy, and withholding the people from sins, and appeasing the wicked murmuring.
et in diebus Moysi misericordiam fecit, ipse, et Caleb filius Jephone, stare contra hostem, et prohibere gentem a peccatis, et perfringere murmur malitiae.

 10 And they two being appointed, were delivered out of the danger from among the number of six hundred thousand men on foot, to bring them into their inheritance, into the land that floweth with milk and honey.
Et ipsi duo constituti a periculo liberati sunt a numero sexcentorum millium peditum, inducere illos in haereditatem, in terram quae manat lac et mel.

 11 And the Lord gave strength also to Caleb, and his strength continued even to his old age, so that he went up to the high places of the land, and his seed obtained it for an inheritance:
Et dedit Dominus ipsi Caleb fortitudinem, et usque in senectutem permansit illi virtus, ut ascenderet in excelsum terrae locum, et semen ipsius obtinuit haereditatem,

 12 That all the children of Israel might see, that it is good to obey the holy God.
ut viderent omnes filii Israel quia bonum est obsequi sancto Deo.

 13 Then all the judges, every one by name, whose heart was not corrupted: who turned not away from the Lord,
Et judices singuli suo nomine, quorum non est corruptum cor, qui non aversi sunt a Domino,

 14 That their memory might be blessed, and their bones spring up out of their place,
ut sit memoria illorum in benedictione, et ossa eorum pullulent de loco suo :

 15 And their name continue for ever, the glory of the holy men remaining unto their children.
et nomen eorum permaneat in aeternum, permanens ad filios illorum, sanctorum virorum gloria.

 16 Samuel the prophet of the Lord, the beloved of the Lord his God, established a new government, and anointed princes over his people.
Dilectus a Domino Deo suo Samuel, propheta Domini, renovavit imperium, et unxit principes in gente sua.

 17 By the law of the Lord he judged the congregation, and the God of Jacob beheld, and by his fidelity he was proved a prophet.
In lege Domini congregationem judicavit, et vidit Deus Jacob : et in fide sua probatus est propheta,

 18 And he was known to be faithful in his words, because he saw the God of light:
et cognitus est in verbis suis fidelis, quia vidit Deum lucis.

 19 And called upon the name of the Lord Almighty, in fighting against the enemies who beset him on every side, when he offered a lamb without blemish.
Et invocavit Dominum omnipotentem, in oppugnando hostes circumstantes undique, in oblatione agni inviolati.

 20 And the Lord thundered from heaven, and with a great noise made his voice to be heard.
Et intonuit de caelo Dominus, et in sonitu magno auditam fecit vocem suam :

 21 And he crushed the princes of the Tyrians, and all the lords of the Philistines:
et contrivit principes Tyriorum, et omnes duces Philisthiim :

 22 And before the time of the end of his life in the world, he protested before the Lord, and his anointed: money, or any thing else, even to a shoe, he had not taken of any man, and no man did accuse him.
et ante tempus finis vitae suae et saeculi, testimonium praebuit in conspectu Domini et christi : pecunias et usque ad calceamenta ab omni carne non accepit, et non accusavit illum homo.

 23 And after this he slept, and he made known to the king, and shewed him the end of his life, and he lifted up his voice from the earth in prophecy to blot out the wickedness of the nation.
Et post hoc dormivit : et notum fecit regi, et ostendit illi finem vitae suae : et exaltavit vocem suam de terra in prophetia, delere impietatem gentis.

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