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What sacrifices are pleasing to God.

 1 He that keepeth the law, multiplieth offerings.
Qui conservat legem multiplicat oblationem.

 2 It is a wholesome sacrifice to take heed to the commandments, and to depart from all iniquity.
Sacrificium salutare est attendere mandatis, et discedere ab omni iniquitate.

 3 And to depart from injustice, is to offer a propitiatory sacrifice for injustices, and a begging of pardon for sins.
Et propitiationem litare sacrificii super injustitias : et deprecatio pro peccatis, recedere ab injustitia.

 4 He shall return thanks, that offereth fine flour: and he that doth mercy, offereth sacrifice.
Retribuet gratiam qui offert similaginem : et qui facit misericordiam offert sacrificium.

 5 To depart from iniquity is that which pleaseth the Lord, and to depart from injustice, is an entreaty for sins.
Beneplacitum est Domino recedere ab iniquitate : et deprecatio pro peccatis recedere ab injustitia.

 6 Thou shalt not appear empty in the sight of the Lord.
Non apparebis ante conspectum Domini vacuus :

 7 For all these things are to be done because of the commandment of God.
haec enim omnia propter mandatum Dei fiunt.

 8 The oblation of the just maketh the altar fat, and is an odour of sweetness in the sight of the most High.
Oblatio justi impinguat altare, et odor suavitatis est in conspectu Altissimi.

 9 The sacrifice of the just is acceptable, and the Lord will not forget the memorial thereof.
Sacrificium justi acceptum est, et memoriam ejus non obliviscetur Dominus.

 10 Give glory to God with a good heart: and diminish not the firstfruits of thy hands.
Bono animo gloriam redde Deo, et non minuas primitias manuum tuarum.

 11 In every gift shew a cheerful countenance, and sanctify thy tithes with joy.
In omni dato hilarem fac vultum tuum, et in exsultatione sanctifica decimas tuas.

 12 Give to the most High according to what he hath given to thee, and with a good eye do according to the ability of thy hands:
Da Altissimo secundum datum ejus, et in bono oculo adinventionem facito manuum tuarum,

 13 For the Lord maketh recompense, and will give thee seven times as much.
quoniam Dominus retribuens est, et septies tantum reddet tibi.

 14 Do not offer wicked gifts, for such he will not receive.
Noli offerre munera prava, non enim suscipiet illa.

 15 And look not upon an unjust sacrifice, for the Lord is judge, and there is not with him respect of person.
Et noli inspicere sacrificum injustum, quoniam Dominus judex est, et non est apud illum gloria personae.

 16 The Lord will not accept any person against a poor man, and he will hear the prayer of him that is wronged.
Non accipiet Dominus personam in pauperem, et deprecationem laesi exaudiet.

 17 He will not despise the prayers of the fatherless; nor the widow, when she poureth out her complaint.
Non despiciet preces pupilli, nec viduam, si effundat loquelam gemitus.

 18 Do not the widow's tears run down the cheek, and her cry against him that causeth them to fall?
Nonne lacrimae viduae ad maxillam descendunt, et exclamatio ejus super deducentem eas?

 19 For from the cheek they go up even to heaven, and the Lord that heareth will not be delighted with them.
A maxilla enim ascendunt usque ad caelum, et Dominus exauditor non delectabitur in illis.

 20 He that adoreth God with joy, shall be accepted, and his prayer shall approach even to the clouds.
Qui adorat Deum in oblectatione suscipietur, et deprecatio illius usque ad nubes propinquabit.

 21 The prayer of him that humbleth himself, shall pierce the clouds: and till it come nigh he will not be comforted: and he will not depart till the most High behold.
Oratio humiliantis se nubes penetrabit, et donec propinquet non consolabitur, et non discedet donec Altissimus aspiciat.

 22 And the Lord will not be slack, but will judge for the just, and will do judgment: and the Almighty will not have patience with them, that he may crush their back:
Et Dominus non elongabit : et judicabit justos, et faciet judicium : et Fortissimus non habebit in illis patientiam, ut contribulet dorsum ipsorum :

 23 And he will repay vengeance to the Gentiles, till he have taken away the multitude of the proud, and broken the sceptres of the unjust,
et gentibus reddet vindictam, donec tollat plenitudinem superborum, et sceptra iniquorum contribulet :

 24 Till he have rendered to men according to their deeds: and according to the works of Adam, and according to his presumption,
donec reddat hominibus secundum actus suos, et secundum opera Adae, et secundum praesumptionem illius :

 25 Till he have judged the cause of his people, and he shall delight the just with his mercy.
donec judicet judicium plebis suae, et oblectabit justos misericordia sua.

 26 The mercy of God is beautiful in the time of affliction, as a cloud of rain in the time of drought.
Speciosa misericordia Dei in tempore tribulationis, quasi nubes pluviae in tempore siccitatis.

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