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Jacob sendeth his ten sons to buy corn in Egypt. Their treatment by Joseph.

 1 And Jacob hearing that food was sold in Egypt, said to his sons: Why are ye careless?
Audiens autem Jacob quod alimenta venderentur in Aegypto, dixit filiis suis : Quare negligitis?

 2 I have heard that wheat is sold in Egypt: go ye down, and buy us necessaries, that we may live, and not be consumed with want.
audivi quod triticum venundetur in Aegypto : descendite, et emite nobis necessaria, ut possimus vivere, et non consumamur inopia.

 3 So the ten brethren of Joseph went down, to buy corn in Egypt:
Descendentes igitur fratres Joseph decem, ut emerent frumenta in Aegypto,

 4 Whilst Benjamin was kept at home by Jacob, who said to his brethren: Lest perhaps he take any harm in the journey.
Benjamin domi retento a Jacob, qui dixerat fratribus ejus : Ne forte in itinere quidquam patiatur mali :

 5 And they entered into the land of Egypt with others that went to buy. For the famine was in the land of Chanaan.
ingressi sunt terram Aegypti cum aliis qui pergebant ad emendum. Erat autem fames in terra Chanaan.

 6 And Joseph was governor in the land of Egypt, and corn was sold by his direction to the people. And when his brethren had bowed down to him,
Et Joseph erat princeps in terra Aegypti, atque ad ejus nutum frumenta populis vendebantur. Cumque adorassent eum fratres sui,

 7 And he knew them, he spoke as it were to strangers somewhat roughly, asking them: Whence came you? They answered: From the land of Chanaan, to buy necessaries of life.
et agnovisset eos, quasi ad alienos durius loquebatur, interrogans eos : Unde venistis? Qui responderunt : De terra Chanaan, ut emamus victui necessaria.

 8 And though he knew his brethren, he was not known by them.
Et tamen fratres ipse cognoscens, non est cognitus ab eis.

 9 And remembering the dreams, which formerly he had dreamed, he said to them: You are spies. You are come to view the weaker parts of the land.
Recordatusque somniorum, quae aliquando viderat, ait ad eos : Exploratores estis : ut videatis infirmiora terrae venistis.

 10 But they said: It is not so, my lord, but thy servants are come to buy food.
Qui dixerunt : Non est ita, domine, sed servi tui venerunt ut emerent cibos.

 11 We are all the sons of one man: we are come as peaceable men, neither do thy servants go about any evil.
Omnes filii unius viri sumus : pacifici venimus, nec quidquam famuli tui machinantur mali.

 12 And he answered them: It is otherwise: you are come to consider the unfenced parts of this land.
Quibus ille respondit : Aliter est : immunita terrae hujus considerare venistis.

 13 But they said: We thy servants are twelve brethren, the sons of one man in the land of Chanaan: the youngest is with our father, the other is not living.
At illi : Duodecim, inquiunt, servi tui, fratres sumus, filii viri unius in terra Chanaan : minimus cum patre nostro est, alius non est super.

 14 He saith: This is it that I said: You are spies.
Hoc est, ait, quod locutus sum : exploratores estis.

 15 I shall now presently try what you are: by the health of Pharao you shall not depart hence, until your youngest brother come.
Jam nunc experimentum vestri capiam : per salutem Pharaonis non egrediemini hinc, donec veniat frater vester minimus.

 16 Send one of you to fetch him: and you shall be in prison, till what you have said be proved, whether it be true or false: or else by the health of Pharao you are spies.
Mittite ex vobis unum, et adducat eum : vos autem eritis in vinculis, donec probentur quae dixistis utrum vera an falsa sint : alioquin per salutem Pharaonis exploratores estis.

 17 So he put them in prison three days.
Tradidit ergo illos custodiae tribus diebus.

 18 And the third day he brought them out of prison, and said: Do as I have said, and you shall live: for I fear God.
Die autem tertio eductis de carcere, ait : Facite quae dixi, et vivetis : Deum enim timeo.

 19 If you be peaceable men, let one of your brethren be bound in prison: and go ye your ways and carry the corn that you have bought, unto your houses.
Si pacifici estis, frater vester unus ligetur in carcere : vos autem abite, et ferte frumenta quae emistis, in domos vestras,

 20 And bring your youngest brother to me, that I may find your words to be true, and you may not die. They did as he had said.
et fratrem vestrum minimum ad me adducite, ut possim vestros probare sermones, et non moriamini. Fecerunt ut dixerat,

 21 And they talked one to another: We deserve to suffer these things, because we have sinned against our brother, seeing the anguish of his soul, when he besought us, and we would not hear: therefore is this affliction come upon us.
et locuti sunt ad invicem : Merito haec patimur, quia peccavimus in fratrem nostrum, videntes angustiam animae illius, dum deprecaretur nos, et non audivimus : idcirco venit super nos ista tribulatio.

 22 And Ruben one of them, said: Did not I say to you: Do not sin against the boy: and you would not hear me? Behold his blood is required.
E quibus unus Ruben, ait : Numquid non dixi vobis : Nolite peccare in puerum : et non audistis me? en sanguis ejus exquiritur.

 23 And they knew not that Joseph understood, because he spoke to them by an interpreter.
Nesciebant autem quod intelligeret Joseph, eo quod per interpretem loqueretur ad eos.

 24 And he turned himself away a little while, and wept: and returning he spoke to them.
Avertitque se parumper, et flevit : et reversus locutus est ad eos.

 25 And taking Simeon, and binding him in their presence, he commanded his servants to fill their sacks with wheat, and to put every man's money again in their sacks, and to give them besides provisions for the way: and they did so.
Tollensque Simeon, et ligans illis praesentibus, jussit ministris ut implerent eorum saccos tritico, et reponerent pecunias singulorum in sacculis suis, datis supra cibariis in viam : qui fecerunt ita.

 26 But they having loaded their asses with the corn, went their way.
At illi portantes frumenta in asinis suis, profecti sunt.

 27 And one of them opening his sack, to give his beast provender in the inn, saw the money in the sack's mouth;
Apertoque unus sacco, ut daret jumento pabulum in diversorio, contemplatus pecuniam in ore sacculi,

 28 And said to his brethren: My money is given me again, behold it is in the sack. And they were astonished, and troubled, and said to one another: What is this that God hath done unto us?
dixit fratribus suis : Reddita est mihi pecunia, en habetur in sacco. Et obstupefacti, turbatique, mutuo dixerunt : Quidnam est hoc quod fecit nobis Deus?

 29 And they came to Jacob their father in the land of Chanaan, and they told him all things that had befallen them, saying:
Veneruntque ad Jacob patrem suum in terram Chanaan, et narraverunt ei omnia quae accidissent sibi, dicentes :

 30 The lord of the land spoke roughly to us, and took us to be spies of the country.
Locutus est nobis dominus terrae dure, et putavit nos exploratores esse provinciae.

 31 And we answered him: We are peaceable men, and we mean no plot.
Cui respondimus : Pacifici sumus, nec ullas molimur insidias.

 32 We are twelve brethren born of one father: one is not living, the youngest is with our father in the land of Chanaan.
Duodecim fratres uno patre geniti sumus : unus non est super, minimus cum patre nostro est in terra Chanaan.

 33 And he said to us: Hereby shall I know that you are peaceable men: Leave one of your brethren with me, and take ye necessary provision for your houses, and go your ways.
Qui ait nobis : Sic probabo quod pacifici sitis : fratrem vestrum unum dimittite apud me, et cibaria domibus vestris necessaria sumite, et abite,

 34 And bring your youngest brother to me, that I may know you are not spies: and you may receive this man again, that is kept in prison: and afterwards may have leave to buy what you will.
fratremque vestrum minimum adducite ad me, ut sciam quod non sitis exploratores : et istum, qui tenetur in vinculis, recipere possitis : ac deinceps quae vultis, emendi habeatis licentiam.

 35 When they had told this, they poured out their corn and every man found his money tied in the mouth of his sack: and all being astonished together,
His dictis, cum frumenta effunderent, singuli repererunt in ore saccorum ligatas pecunias, exterritisque simul omnibus,

 36 Their father Jacob said: You have made me to be without children: Joseph is not living, Simeon is kept in bonds, and Benjamin you will take away: all these evils are fallen upon me.
dixit pater Jacob : Absque liberis me esse fecistis : Joseph non est super, Simeon tenetur in vinculis, et Benjamin auferetis : in me haec omnia mala reciderunt.

 37 And Ruben answered him: Kill my two sons if I bring him not again to thee: deliver him into my hand, and I will restore him to thee.
Cui respondit Ruben : Duos filios meos interfice, si non reduxero illum tibi : trade illum in manu mea, et ego eum tibi restituam.

 38 But he said: My son shall not go down with you: his brother is dead, and he is left alone: if any mischief befall him in the land to which you go, you will bring down my gray hairs with sorrow to hell.
At ille : Non descendet, inquit, filius meus vobiscum : frater ejus mortuus est, et ipse solus remansit : si quid ei adversi acciderit in terra ad quam pergitis, deducetis canos meos cum dolore ad inferos.

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