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Esau with his wives and children parteth from Jacob. An account of his descendants, and of the first kings of Edom.

 1 And these are the generations of Esau, the same is Edom.
Hae sunt autem generationes Esau, ipse est Edom.

 2 Esau took wives of the daughters of Chanaan: Ada the daughter of Elon the Hethite, and Oolibama the daughter of Ana, the daughter of Sebeon the Hevite:
Esau accepit uxores de filiabus Chanaan : Ada filiam Elon Hethaei, et Oolibama filiam Anae filiae Sebeon Hevaei :

 3 And Basemath the daughter of Ismael, sister of Nabajoth.
Basemath quoque filiam Ismael sororem Nabaioth.

 4 And Ada bore Eliphaz: Basemath bore Rahuel:
Peperit autem Ada Eliphaz : Basemath genuit Rahuel :

 5 Oolibama bore Jehus and Ihelon and Core. These are the sons of Esau, that were born to him in the land of Chanaan.
Oolibama genuit Jehus et Ihelon et Core. Hi filii Esau qui nati sunt ei in terra Chanaan.

 6 And Esau took his wives and his sons and daughters, and every soul of his house, and his substance, and cattle, and all that he was able to acquire in the land of Chanaan: and went into another country, and departed from his brother Jacob.
Tulit autem Esau uxores suas et filios et filias, et omnem animam domus suae, et substantiam, et pecora, et cuncta quae habere poterat in terra Chanaan : et abiit in alteram regionem, recessitque a fratre suo Jacob.

 7 For they were exceeding rich, and could not dwell together: neither was the land in which they sojourned able to bear them, for the multitude of their flocks.
Divites enim erant valde, et simul habitare non poterant : nec sustinebat eos terra peregrinationis eorum prae multitudine gregum.

 8 And Esau dwelt in mount Seir: he is Edom.
Habitavitque Esau in monte Seir, ipse est Edom.

 9 And these are the generations of Esau the father of Edom in mount Seir,
Hae autem sunt generationes Esau patris Edom in monte Seir,

 10 And these the names of his sons: Eliphaz the son of Ada the wife of Esau: and Rahuel the son of Basemath his wife.
et haec nomina filiorum ejus : Eliphaz filius Ada uxoris Esau : Rahuel quoque filius Basemath uxoris ejus.

 11 And Eliphaz had sons: Theman, Omar, Sepho, and Gatham, and Cenez.
Fueruntque Eliphaz filii : Teman, Omar, Sepho, et Gatham, et Cenez.

 12 And Thamna was the concubine of Eliphaz the son of Esau: and she bore him Amalech. These are the sons of Ada the wife of Esau.
Erat autem Thamna concubina Eliphaz filii Esau : quae peperit ei Amalech. Hi sunt filii Ada uxoris Esau.

 13 And the sons of Rahuel were Nahath and Zara, Samma and Meza. These were the sons of Basemath the wife of Esau.
Filii autem Rahuel : Nahath et Zara, Samma et Meza : hi filii Basemath uxoris Esau.

 14 And these were the sons of Oolibama, the daughter of Ana, the daughter of Sebeon, the wife of Esau, whom she bore to him, Jehus, and Ihelon, and Core.
Isti quoque erant filii Oolibama filiae Anae filiae Sebeon, uxoris Esau, quos genuit ei, Jehus et Ihelon et Core.

 15 These were dukes of the sons of Esau: the sons of Eliphaz the firstborn of Esau: duke Theman, duke Omar, duke Sepho, duke Cenez,
Hi duces filiorum Esau : filii Eliphaz primogeniti Esau : dux Theman, dux Omra, dux Sepho, dux Cenez,

 16 Duke Core, duke Gatham, duke Amalech: these are the sons of Eliphaz, in the land of Edom, and these the sons of Ada.
dux Core, dux Gathan, dux Amalech. Hi filii Eliphaz in terra Edom, et hi filii Ada.

 17 And these were the sons of Rahuel, the son of Esau: duke Nahath, duke Zara, duke Samma, duke Meza. And these are the dukes of Rahuel, in the land of Edom: these the sons of Basemath the wife of Esau.
Hi quoque filii Rahuel filii Esau : dux Nahath, dux Zara, dux Samma, dux Meza : hi autem duces Rahuel in terra Edom : isti filii Basemath uxoris Esau.

 18 And these the sons of Oolibama the wife of Esau: duke Jehus, duke Ihelon, duke Core. These are the dukes of Oolibama, the daughter of Ana, and wife of Esau.
Hi autem filii Oolibama uxoris Esau : dux Jehus, dux Ihelon, dux Core : hi duces Oolibama filiae Anae uxoris Esau.

 19 These are the sons of Esau, and these the dukes of them: the same is Edom.
Isti sunt filii Esau, et hi duces eorum : ipse est Edom.

 20 These are the sons of Seir the Horrite, the inhabitants of the land: Lotan, and Sobal, and Sebeon, and Ana,
Isti sunt filii Seir Horraei, habitatores terrae : Lotan, et Sobal, et Sebeon, et Ana,

 21 And Dison, and Eser, and Disan. These are dukes of the Horrites, the sons of Seir in the land of Edom.
et Dison, et Eser, et Disan : hi duces Horraei, filii Seir in terra Edom.

 22 And Lotan had sons: Hori and Heman. And the sister of Lotan was Thamna.
Facti sunt autem filii Lotan : Hori et Heman. Erat autem soror Lotan, Thamna.

 23 And these the sons of Sobal: Alvan and Manahat, and Ebal, and Sepho, and Oman.
Et isti filii Sobal : Alvan et Manahat et Ebal, et Sepho et Onam.

 24 And these the sons of Sebeon: Aia and Ana. This is Ana that found the hot waters in the wilderness, when he fed the asses of Sebeon his father:
Et hi filii Sebeon : Aja et Ana. Iste est Ana qui invenit aquas calidas in solitudine, cum pasceret asinos Sebeon patris sui :

 25 And he had a son Dison, and a daughter Oolibama.
habuitque filium Dison, et filiam Oolibama.

 26 And these were the sons of Dison: Hamdan, and Eseban, and Jethram, and Charan.
Et isti filii Dison : Hamdan, et Eseban, et Jethram, et Charan.

 27 These also were the sons of Eser: Balaan, and Zavan, and Acan.
Hi quoque filii Eser : Balaan, et Zavan, et Acan.

 28 And Disan had sons: Hus, and Aram.
Habuit autem filios Disan : Hus et Aram.

 29 These were dukes of the Horrites: duke Lotan, duke Sobal, duke Sebeon, duke Ana,
Hi duces Horraeorum : dux Lotan, dux Sobal, dux Sebeon, dux Ana,

 30 Duke Dison, duke Eser, duke Disan: these were dukes of the Horrites that ruled in the land of Seir.
dux Dison, dux Eser, dux Disan : isti duces Horraeorum qui imperaverunt in terra Seir.

 31 And the kings that ruled in the land of Edom, before the children of Israel had a king were these:
Reges autem qui regnaverunt in terra Edom antequam haberent regem filii Israel, fuerunt hi :

 32 Bela the son of Beor, and the name of his city Denaba.
Bela filius Beor, nomenque urbis ejus Denaba.

 33 And Bela died, and Jobab the son of Zara of Bosra reigned in his stead.
Mortuus est autem Bela, et regnavit pro eo Jobab filius Zarae de Bosra.

 34 And when Jobab was dead, Husam of the land of the Themanites reigned in his stead.
Cumque mortuus esset Jobab, regnavit pro eo Husam de terra Themanorum.

 35 And after his death, Adad the son of Badad reigned in his stead, who defeated the Madianites in the country of Moab: and the name of his city was Avith.
Hoc quoque mortuo, regnavit pro eo Adad filius Badad, qui percussit Madian in regione Moab : et nomen urbis ejus Avith.

 36 And when Adad was dead, there reigned in his stead, Semla of Masreca.
Cumque mortuus esset Adad, regnavit pro eo Semla de Masreca.

 37 And he being dead, Saul of the river Rohoboth, reigned in his stead.
Hoc quoque mortuo regnavit pro eo Saul de fluvio Rohoboth.

 38 And when he also was dead, Balanan the son of Achobor succeeded to the kingdom.
Cumque et hic obiisset, successit in regnum Balanan filius Achobor.

 39 This man also being dead, Adar reigned in his place, and the name of his city was Phau: and his wife was called Meetabel, the daughter of Matred, daughter of Mezaab.
Isto quoque mortuo regnavit pro eo Adar, nomenque urbis ejus Phau : et appellabatur uxor ejus Meetabel, filia Matred filiae Mezaab.

 40 And these are the names of the dukes of Esau in their kindreds, and places, and callings: duke Thamna, duke Alva, duke Jetheth,
Haec ergo nomina ducum Esau in cognationibus, et locis, et vocabulis suis : dux Thamna, dux Alva, dux Jetheth,

 41 Duke Oolibama, duke Ela, duke Phinon,
dux Oolibama, dux Ela, dux Phinon,

 42 Duke Cenez, duke Theman, duke Mabsar,
dux Cenez, dux Theman, dux Mabsar,

 43 Duke Magdiel, duke Hiram: these are the dukes of Edom dwelling in the land of their government; the same is Esau the father of the Edomites.
dux Magdiel, dux Hiram : hi duces Edom habitantes in terra imperii sui, ipse est Esau pater Idumaeorum.

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