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After many benefits, great affliction shall fall upon the ten tribes, for their ingratitude to God.

 1 Israel a vine full of branches, the fruit is agreeable to it: according to the multitude of his fruit he hath multiplied altars, according to the plenty of his land he hath abounded with idols.
Vitis frondosa Israel, fructus adaequatus est ei : secundum multitudinem fructus sui multiplicavit altaria, juxta ubertatem terrae suae exuberavit simulacris.

 2 Their heart is divided: now they shall perish: he shall break down their idols, he shall destroy their altars.
Divisum est cor eorum, nunc interibunt; ipse confringet simulacra eorum, depopulabitur aras eorum.

 3 For now they shall say: We have no king: because we fear not the Lord: and what shall a king do to us?
Quia nunc dicent : Non est rex nobis, non enim timemus Dominum; et rex quid faciet nobis?

 4 You speak words of an unprofitable vision, and you shall make a covenant: and judgment shall spring up as bitterness in the furrows of the field.
Loquimini verba visionis inutilis, et ferietis foedus; et germinabit quasi amaritudo judicium super sulcos agri.

 5 The inhabitants of Samaria have worshipped the kine of Bethaven: for the people thereof have mourned over it, and the wardens of its temple that rejoiced over it in its glory because it is departed from it.
Vaccas Bethaven coluerunt habitatores Samariae; quia luxit super eum populus ejus, et aeditui ejus super eum exsultaverunt in gloria ejus, quia migravit ab eo.

 6 For itself also is carried into Assyria, a present to the avenging king: shame shall fall upon Ephraim, and Israel shall be confounded in his own will.
Siquidem et ipse in Assur delatus est, munus regi ultori. Confusio Ephraim capiet, et confundetur Israel in voluntate sua.

 7 Samaria hath made her king to pass as froth upon the face of the water.
Transire fecit Samaria regem suum quasi spumam super faciem aquae.

 8 And the high places of the idol, the sin of Israel shall be destroyed: the bur and the thistle shall grow up over their altars: and they shall say to the mountains: Cover us; and to the hills: Fall upon us.
Et disperdentur excelsa idoli, peccatum Israel; lappa et tribulus ascendet super aras eorum : et dicent montibus : Operite nos, et collibus : Cadite super nos.

 9 From the days of Gabaa, Israel hath sinned, there they stood: the battle in Gabaa against the children of iniquity shall not overtake them.
Ex diebus Gabaa peccavit Israel; ibi steterunt. Non comprehendet eos in Gabaa praelium super filios iniquitatis.

 10 According to my desire I will chastise them: and the nations shall be gathered together against them, when they shall be chastised for their two iniquities.
Juxta desiderium meum corripiam eos : congregabuntur super eos populi, cum corripientur propter duas iniquitates suas.

 11 Ephraim is a heifer taught to love to tread out corn, but I passed over upon the beauty of her neck: I will ride upon Ephraim, Juda shall plough, Jacob shall break the furrows for himself.
Ephraim vitula docta diligere trituram, et ego transivi super pulchritudinem colli ejus : ascendam super Ephraim, arabit Judas; confringet sibi sulcos Jacob.

 12 Sow for yourselves in justice, and reap in the mouth of mercy, break up your fallow ground: but the time to seek the Lord is, when he shall come that shall teach you justice.
Seminate vobis in justitia, et metite in ore misericordiae. Innovate vobis novale; tempus autem requirendi Dominum, cum venerit qui docebit vos justitiam.

 13 You have ploughed wickedness, you have reaped iniquity, you have eaten the fruit of lying: because thou hast trusted in thy ways, in the multitude of thy strong ones.
Arastis impietatem, iniquitatem messuistis : comedistis frugem mendacii, quia confisus es in viis tuis, in multitudine fortium tuorum.

 14 A tumult shall arise among thy people: and all thy fortresses shall be destroyed as Salmana was destroyed, by the house of him that judged Baal in the day of battle, the mother being dashed in pieces upon her children.
Consurget tumultus in populo tuo; et omnes munitiones tuae vastabuntur, sicut vastatus est Salmana a domo ejus qui judicavit Baal in die praelii, matre super filios allisa.

 15 So hath Bethel done to you, because of the evil of your iniquities.
Sic fecit vobis Bethel, a facie malitiae nequitiarum vestrarum.

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