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The parable of the young lions, and of the vineyard that is wasted.

 1 Moreover take thou up a lamentation for the princes of Israel,
Et tu assume planctum super principes Israel :

 2 And say: Why did thy mother the lioness lie down among the lions, and bring up her whelps in the midst of young lions?
et dices : Quare mater tua leaena inter leones cubavit? in medio leunculorum enutrivit catulos suos?

 3 And she brought out one of her whelps, and he became a lion: and he learned to catch the prey, and to devour men.
Et eduxit unum de leunculis suis, et leo factus est : et didicit capere praedam, hominemque comedere.

 4 And the nations heard of him, and took him, but not without receiving wounds: and they brought him in chains into the land of Egypt.
Et audierunt de eo gentes : et non absque vulneribus suis ceperunt eum, et adduxerunt eum in catenis in terram Aegypti.

 5 But she seeing herself weakened, and that her hope was lost, took one of her young lions, and set him up for a lion.
Quae cum vidisset quoniam infirmata est, et periit exspectatio ejus, tulit unum de leunculis suis; leonem constituit eum.

 6 And he went up and down among the lions, and became a lion: and he learned to catch the prey, and to devour men.
Qui incedebat inter leones, et factus est leo : et didicit praedam capere, et homines devorare :

 7 He learned to make widows, and to lay waste their cities: and the land became desolate, and the fulness thereof by the noise of his roaring.
didicit viduas facere, et civitates earum in desertum adducere : et desolata est terra et plenitudo ejus a voce rugitus illius.

 8 And the nations came together against him on every side out of the provinces, and they spread their net over him, in their wounds he was taken.
Et convenerunt adversus eum gentes undique de provinciis, et expanderunt super eum rete suum : in vulneribus earum captus est,

 9 And they put him into a cage, they brought him in chains to the king of Babylon: and they cast him into prison, that his voice should no more be heard upon the mountains of Israel.
et miserunt eum in caveam : in catenis adduxerunt eum ad regem Babylonis, miseruntque eum in carcerem, ne audiretur vox ejus ultra super montes Israel.

 10 Thy mother is like a vine in thy blood planted by the water: her fruit and her branches have grown out of many waters.
Mater tua quasi vinea in sanguine tuo super aquam plantata est : fructus ejus et frondes ejus creverunt ex aquis multis.

 11 And she hath strong rods to make sceptres for them that bear rule, and her stature was exalted among the branches: and she saw her height in the multitude of her branches.
Et factae sunt ei virgae solidae in sceptra dominantium, et exaltata est statura ejus inter frondes, et vidit altitudinem suam in multitudine palmitum suorum.

 12 But she was plucked up in wrath, and cast on the ground, and the burning wind dried up her fruit: her strong rods are withered, and dried up: the fire hath devoured her.
Et evulsa est in ira, in terramque projecta, et ventus urens siccavit fructum ejus : marcuerunt et arefactae sunt virgae roboris ejus : ignis comedit eam.

 13 And now she is transplanted into the desert, in a land not passable, and dry.
Et nunc transplantata est in desertum, in terra invia et sitienti.

 14 And a fire is gone out from a rod of her branches, which hath devoured her fruit: so that she now hath no strong rod, to be a sceptre of rulers. This is a lamentation, and it shall be for a lamentation.
Et egressus est ignis de virga ramorum ejus, qui fructum ejus comedit : et non fuit in ea virga fortis, sceptrum dominantium. Planctus est, et erit in planctum.

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