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A description of the courts, chambers, and other places belonging to the temple.

 1 And he brought me forth into the outward court by the way that leadeth to the north, and he brought me into the chamber that was over against the separate building, and over against the house toward the north.
Et eduxit me in atrium exterius, per viam ducentem ad aquilonem, et introduxit me in gazophylacium quod erat contra separatum aedificium, et contra aedem vergentem ad aquilonem.

 2 In the face of the north door was the length of a hundred cubits, and the breadth of fifty cubits.
In facie longitudinis, centum cubitos ostii aquilonis, et latitudinis quinquaginta cubitos,

 3 Over against the twenty cubits of the inner court, and over against the pavement of the outward court that was paved with stone, where there was a gallery joined to a triple gallery.
contra viginti cubitos atrii interioris, et contra pavimentum stratum lapide atrii exterioris, ubi erat porticus juncta porticui triplici.

 4 And before the chambers was a walk ten cubits broad, looking to the inner parts of a way of one cubit. And their doors were toward the north.
Et ante gazophylacia deambulatio decem cubitorum latitudinis, ad interiora respiciens viae cubiti unius. Et ostia eorum ad aquilonem :

 5 Where were the store chambers lower above: because they bore up the galleries, which appeared above out of them from the lower parts, and from the midst of the building.
ubi erant gazophylacia in superioribus humiliora, quia supportabant porticus quae ex illis eminebant de inferioribus, et de mediis aedificii.

 6 For they were of three stories, and had not pillars, as the pillars of the courts: therefore did they appear above out of the lower places, and out of the middle places, fifty cubits from the ground.
Tristega enim erant, et non habebant columnas, sicut erant columnae atriorum : propterea eminebant de inferioribus, et de mediis a terra cubitis quinquaginta.

 7 And the outward wall that went about by the chambers, which were towards the outward court on the forepart of the chambers, was fifty cubits long.
Et peribolus exterior secundum gazophylacia, quae erant in via atrii exterioris ante gazophylacia : longitudo ejus quinquaginta cubitorum :

 8 For the length of the chambers of the outward court was fifty cubits: and the length before the face of the temple, a hundred cubits.
quia longitudo erat gazophylaciorum atrii exterioris, quinquaginta cubitorum, et longitudo ante faciem templi, centum cubitorum.

 9 And there was under these chambers, an entrance from the east, for them that went into them out of the outward court.
Et erat subter gazophylacia haec introitus ab oriente, ingredientium in ea de atrio exteriori.

 10 In the breadth of the outward wall of the court that was toward the east, over against the separate building, and there were chambers before the building.
In latitudine periboli atrii quod erat contra viam orientalem, in faciem aedificii separati, et erant ante aedificium gazophylacia.

 11 And the way before them was like the chambers which were toward the north: they were as long as they, and as broad as they: and all the going in to them, and their fashions, and their doors were alike.
Et via ante faciem eorum, juxta similitudinem gazophylaciorum quae erant in via aquilonis : secundum longitudinem eorum, sic et latitudo eorum, et omnis introitus eorum, et similitudines, et ostia eorum.

 12 According to the doors of the chambers that were towards the south: there was a door in the head of the way, which way was before the porch, separated towards the east as one entereth in.
Secundum ostia gazophylaciorum, quae erant in via respiciente ad notum : ostium in capite viae, quae via erat ante vestibulum separatum per viam orientalem ingredientibus.

 13 And he said to me: The chambers of the north, and the chambers of the south, which are before the separate building: they are holy chambers, in which the priests shall eat, that approach to the Lord into the holy of holies: there they shall lay the most holy things, and the offering for sin, and for trespass: for it is a holy place.
Et dixit ad me : Gazophylacia aquilonis, et gazophylacia austri, quae sunt ante aedificium separatum, haec sunt gazophylacia sancta, in quibus vescuntur sacerdotes qui appropinquant ad Dominum in Sancta sanctorum : ibi ponent Sancta sanctorum et oblationem pro peccato et pro delicto : locus enim sanctus est.

 14 And when the priests shall have entered in, they shall not go out of the holy places into the outward court: but there they shall lay their vestments, wherein they minister, for they are holy: and they shall put on other garments, and so they shall go forth to the people.
Cum autem ingressi fuerint sacerdotes, non egredientur de sanctis in atrium exterius : et ibi reponent vestimenta sua, in quibus ministrant, quia sancta sunt, vestienturque vestimentis aliis, et sic procedent ad populum.

 15 Now when he had made an end of measuring the inner house, he brought me out by the way of the gate that looked toward the east: and he measured it on every side round about.
Cumque complesset mensuras domus interioris, eduxit me per viam portae quae respiciebat ad viam orientalem : et mensus est eam undique per circuitum.

 16 And he measured toward the east with the measuring reed, five hundred reeds with the measuring reed round about.
Mensus est autem contra ventum orientalem calamo mensurae, quingentos calamos in calamo mensurae per circuitum.

 17 And he measured toward the north five hundred reeds with the measuring reed round about.
Et mensus est contra ventum aquilonis quingentos calamos in calamo mensurae per gyrum.

 18 And towards the south he measured five hundred reeds with the measuring reed round about.
Et ad ventum australem mensus est quingentos calamos in calamo mensurae per circuitum.

 19 And toward the west he measured five hundred reeds, with the measuring reed.
Et ad ventum occidentalem mensus est quingentos calamos in calamo mensurae.

 20 By the four winds he measured the wall thereof on every side round about, five hundred cubits long and five hundred cubits broad, making a separation between the sanctuary and the place of the people.
Per quatuor ventos mensus est murum ejus undique per circuitum, longitudinem quingentorum cubitorum, et latitudinem quingentorum cubitorum, dividentem inter sanctuarium et vulgi locum.

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