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Nabuchodonosor king of the Assyrians overcometh Arphaxad king of the Medes.

 1 Now Arphaxad king of the Medes had brought many nations under his dominions, and he built a very strong city, which he called Ecbatana,
Arphaxad itaque, rex Medorum, subjugaverat multas gentes imperio suo, et ipse aedificavit civitatem potentissimam, quam appellavit Ecbatanis,

 2 Of stones squared and hewed: he made the walls thereof seventy cubits broad, and thirty cubits high, and the towers thereof he made a hundred cubits high. But on the square of them, each side was extended the space of twenty feet.
ex lapidibus quadratis et sectis : fecit muros ejus in altitudinem cubitorum septuaginta, et in latitudinem cubitorum triginta, turres vero ejus posuit in altitudinem cubitorum centum.

 3 And he made the gates thereof according to the height of the towers:
Per quadrum vero earum latus utrumque vicenorum pedum spatio tendebatur, posuitque portas ejus in altitudinem turrium :

 4 And he gloried as a mighty one in the force of his army and in the glory of his chariots.
et gloriabatur quasi potens in potentia exercitus sui, et in gloria quadrigarum suarum.

 5 Now in the twelfth year of his reign, Nabuchodonosor king of the Assyrians, who reigned in Ninive the great city, fought against Arphaxad and overcame him,
Anno igitur duodecimo regni sui, Nabuchodonosor rex Assyriorum, qui regnabat in Ninive civitate magna, pugnavit contra Arphaxad, et obtinuit eum

 6 In the great plain which is called Ragua, about the Euphrates, and the Tigris, and the Jadason, in the plain of Erioch the king of the Elicians.
in campo magno, qui appellatur Ragau, circa Euphraten, et Tigrin, et Jadason, in campo Erioch regis Elicorum.

 7 Then was the kingdom of Nabuchodonosor exalted, and his heart was elevated: and he sent to all that dwelt in Cilicia and Damascus, and Libanus,
Tunc exaltatum est regnum Nabuchodonosor, et cor ejus elevatum est : et misit ad omnes, qui habitabant in Cilicia, et Damasco, et Libano,

 8 And to the nations that are in Carmelus, and Cedar, and to the inhabitants of Galilee in the great plain of Asdrelon,
et ad gentes quae sunt in Carmelo et Cedar, et inhabitantes Galilaeam in campo magno Esdrelon,

 9 And to all that were in Samaria, and beyond the river Jordan even to Jerusalem, and all the land of Jesse till you come to the borders of Ethiopia.
et ad omnes qui erant in Samaria, et trans flumen Jordanem usque ad Jerusalem, et omnem terram Jesse quousque perveniatur ad terminos Aethiopiae.

 10 To all these Nabuchodonosor king of the Assyrians, sent messengers:
Ad hos omnes misit nuntios Nabuchodonosor rex Assyriorum :

 11 But they all with one mind refused, and sent them back empty, and rejected them without honour.
qui omnes uno animo contradixerunt, et remiserunt eos vacuos, et sine honore abjecerunt.

 12 Then king Nabuchodonosor being angry against all that land, swore by his throne and kingdom that he would revenge himself of all those countries.
Tunc indignatus Nabuchodonosor rex adversus omnem terram illam, juravit per thronum et regnum suum quod defenderet se de omnibus regionibus his.

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