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The limits of Chanaan; with the names of the men that make the division of it.

 1 And the Lord spoke to Moses, saying:
Locutusque est Dominus ad Moysen, dicens :

 2 Command the children of Israel, and then shalt say to them: When you are entered into the land of Chanaan, and it shall be fallen into your possession by lot, it shall be bounded by these limits:
Praecipe filiis Israel, et dices ad eos : Cum ingressi fueritis terram Chanaan, et in possessionem vobis sorte ceciderit, his finibus terminabitur.

 3 The south side shall begin from the wilderness of Sin, which is by Edom: and shall have the most salt sea for its furthest limits eastward:
Pars meridiana incipiet a solitudine Sin, quae est juxta Edom : et habebit terminos contra orientem mare salsissimum.

 4 Which limits shall go round on the south side by the ascent of the Scorpion and so into Senna, and reach toward the south as far as Cadesbarne, from whence the frontiers shall go out to the town called Adar, and shall reach as far as Asemona.
Qui circuibunt australem plagam per ascensum Scorpionis, ita ut transeant in Senna, et perveniant a meridie usque ad Cadesbarne, unde egredientur confinia ad villam nomine Adar, et tendent usque ad Asemona.

 5 And the limits shall fetch a compass from Asemona to the torrent of Egypt, and shall end in the shore of the great sea.
Ibitque per gyrum terminus ab Asemona usque ad torrentem Aegypti, et maris magni littore finietur.

 6 And the west side shall begin from the great sea, and the same shall be the end thereof.
Plaga autem occidentalis a mari magno incipiet, et ipso fine claudetur.

 7 But toward the north side the borders shall begin from the great sea, reaching to the most high mountain,
Porro ad septentrionalem plagam a mari magno termini incipient, pervenientes usque ad montem altissimum,

 8 From which they shall come to Emath, as far as the borders of Sedada:
a quo venient in Emath usque ad terminos Sedada :

 9 And the limits shall go as far as Zephrona, and the village of Enan. These shall be the borders on the north side.
ibuntque confinia usque ad Zephrona, et villam Enan. Hi erunt termini in parte aquilonis.

 10 From thence they shall mark out the bounds towards the east side from the village of Enan unto Sephama.
Inde metabuntur fines contra orientalem plagam de villa Enan usque Sephama,

 11 And from Sephama the bounds shall go down to Rebla over against the fountain of Daphnis: from thence they shall come eastward to the sea of Cenereth,
et de Sephama descendent termini in Rebla contra fontem Daphnim : inde pervenient contra orientem ad mare Cenereth,

 12 And shall reach as far as the Jordan, and at the last shall be closed in by the most salt sea. This shall be your land with its borders round about.
et tendent usque ad Jordanem, et ad ultimum salsissimo claudentur mari. Hanc habebitis terram per fines suos in circuitu.

 13 And Moses commanded the children of Israel, saying: This shall be the land which you shall possess by lot, and which the Lord hath commanded to be given to the nine tribes, and to the half tribe.
Praecepitque Moyses filiis Israel, dicens : Haec erit terra, quam possidebitis sorte, et quam jussit Dominus dari novem tribubus, et dimidiae tribui.

 14 For the tribe of the children of Ruben by their families, and the tribe of the children of Gad according to the number of their kindreds, and half of the tribe of Manasses,
Tribus enim filiorum Ruben per familias suas, et tribus filiorum Gad juxta cognationum numerum, media quoque tribus Manasse,

 15 That is, two tribes and a half, have received their portion beyond the Jordan over against Jericho at the east side.
id est, duae semis tribus, acceperunt partem suam trans Jordanem contra Jericho ad orientalem plagam.

 16 And the Lord said to Moses:
Et ait Dominus ad Moysen :

 17 These are the names of the men, that shall divide the land unto you: Eleazar the priest, and Josue the son of Nun,
Haec sunt nomina virorum qui terram vobis divident, Eleazar sacerdos, et Josue filius Nun,

 18 And one prince of every tribe,
et singuli principes de tribubus singulis,

 19 Whose names are these: Of the tribe of Juda, Caleb the son of Jephone.
quorum ista sunt vocabula. De tribu Juda, Caleb filius Jephone.

 20 Of the tribe of Simeon, Samuel the son of Ammiud.
De tribu Simeon, Samuel filius Ammiud.

 21 Of the tribe of Benjamin, Elidad the son of Chaselon.
De tribu Benjamin, Elidad filius Chaselon.

 22 Of the tribe of the children of Dan, Bocci the son of Jogli.
De tribu filiorum Dan, Bocci filius Jogli.

 23 Of the children of Joseph of the tribe of Manasses, Hanniel the son of Ephod.
Filiorum Joseph de tribu Manasse, Hanniel filius Ephod.

 24 Of the tribe of Ephraim, Camuel the son of Sephtan.
De tribu Ephraim, Camuel filius Sephthan.

 25 Of the tribe of Zabulon, Elisaphan the son of Pharnach.
De tribu Zabulon, Elisaphan filius Pharnach.

 26 Of the tribe of Issachar, Phaltiel the prince, the son of Ozan.
De tribu Issachar, dux Phaltiel filius Ozan.

 27 Of the tribe of Aser, Ahiud the son of Salomi.
De tribu Aser, Ahiud filius Salomi.

 28 Of the tribe of Nephtali: Phedael the son of Ammiud.
De tribu Nephthali, Phedael filius Ammiud.

 29 These are they whom the Lord hath commanded to divide the land of Chanaan to the children of Israel.
Hi sunt, quibus praecepit Dominus ut dividerent filiis Israel terram Chanaan.

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