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The Beginning

In March 2001, I noticed that the Douay-Rheims Bible hardcover version was out of print. I looked on the internet and found several websites that contained this bible, but the format, usability and speed were poor. So I started working on this website but quickly abandoned the project, because it was much more difficult than I anticipated. In June of 2003, I started to re-create this website and got the first version up and working. Then I built a search engine for it, using good software engineering algorithms. However, more refinements were necessary and the project dragged on for about one year.


This website has no affiliation with any group, society or the Catholic Church. This is my own creation and it does reflect my committment to the pursuit of the truth. Truth is something that seems to be disappearing in our modern world, which makes this kind of website all the more important.

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I am anxious to here what people think about this website, regarding design layout, typographical errors, usability on your devices, features you would like to have.


Paul B Mann

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